I’m Aaron, Owner and Operator of SevenNine Media. I love helping companies succeed in their talent acquisition efforts through strategic Employer Branding. I’ve helped companies define their culture, market their culture, and recruit talent to scale up their businesses for the last ten years. During my time as a recruiter I met business owners, HR Professionals, and other recruiters and often heard the same discussion at conferences and job fairs. “Recruiting is hard with such a talent shortage”, I would overhear, even when unemployment was over 5%. And early on, I myself struggled to find people when I would solicit ads on Craigslist, Indeed.com, word-of-mouth, and job fairs. When all those efforts failed to yield the kind of people I was looking to hire, I knew it was time for a different approach.

Throughout my time as a recruiter I continued to pursue my passion of photography and videography, and was given opportunities to work with marketing teams in photo/video studios in Spokane, where I learned a lot about the kind of opportunities that exist for companies who want to showcase themselves for talent acquisition purposes. Combining my profession and my passion is where my desire to provide Employer Branding services was born.