Why Employer Branding Matters: A Talent Perspective

“Posting and praying” giving you headaches?

It’s 2021, and the end of the pandemic is in sight, but with 16.8% unemployment, despite many people returning to work, we still have a long road of economic recovery ahead. In Kootenai County alone, 70%+ of companies report that they are struggling to recruit adequate levels of staff to operate their businesses. It’s a complex situation with the extension of unemployment benefits, gig working, and sharply rising costs of housing for employers. For service, manufacturing, and general labor workers that are so desperately needed, its even more challenging.

This need is clearly seen in Kootenai County with over 200 job postings everyday on Indeed alone, and that number of job openings surpasses the amount of relevant job seekers by some estimations of nearly ten fold. If that wasn’t tough enough, well known companies like Amazon are now a fierce competitor in Spokane seeking to draw out Idaho State’s labor talent with competitive wages, some telecommuting options, and brand recognition. But the real icing on the cake? In Idaho, there are still 10x as many people drawing unemployment as before Covid, half of which are new claims. With extended Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefits signed on March 12th (through Sept 4th), the incentive to return to work is still waning for those in the labor and service sectors. So what do you do when you’ve reached out to job seekers in all of the available digital channels, local staffing agencies, and Covid compliant drive through job fairs, and workers still just aren’t showing? It’s a situation where anyone would reasonably pull their hair out and give up… but those aren’t the only options.

Most of us are tasked with the challenge of recruiting in the current employee empowered landscape, are at a loss. It’s the worst employment market since 2008 and the task just seems daunting… but what about showcasing your company in places where workers already have their attention, in a way that makes your organization stand out? What if you could stop hunting the unemployed that are already so heavily marketed to, and attract the 70% of passive working job seekers? It could be you. Your company. The best place to work. The company with the best culture, or best pay, or best benefits.

At SevenNine Media, we help you position your organization in the market to have the best fighting chance to get those job seekers in front of you through social media and traditional marketing strategies. I’ve personally built and used these as an agency and organizational recruiter over the last decade, recruiting on a national level across 35 cities, and 25 states.

I build content that grabs attention and is specifically designed to showcase why you’re the employer of choice. I’ve helped companies in many different industry sectors boost their recruiting efforts to get those “tough-to-fill” jobs filled.  Recruiting isn’t the only benefit of this kind of strategy. From an HR standpoint, our content helps to set job expectations from the very first introduction to your company so job seekers get a feeling for what is expected of them, what the culture is like, and why they may or may not fit in with your team. When it comes time for performance reviews, HR teams are empowered to hold employees accountable with no confusion as to company expectations, right from the get-go. It’s a great means of filtering in those candidates that will fit your company, and filtering out those that won’t, reducing the time you actually spend recruiting.

Let’s talk! I love working with companies that want to do better, be better, and want to shine when they really have great things to offer. Let’s set up a time for me to learn how I can help support your business! Send me an email or give me a call at: or 208-215-5812.